Our clients say...

"Within 2 weeks we appeared on the first page of Google!!" 

"Simon created some magic copy that perfectly reflected our brand and really connected with our clients."  

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Corporate Web Writing Training

"The course was so popular and well recieved that we booked more sessions for more university staff to attend"
Lisa Summer-Hayes, University of Queensland 


Web writing training held at your office

Have a course designed for your staff writing needs and business goals      

Your in-house web writing team have a lot to contend with these days.

Super impatient readers. Fickle search engines. And growing demands for great content - on shrinking budgets.

With practical, tailored writing for the web training, they can quickly gain the skills to create web content that: 

  • attracts more of the right people to your web pages
  • gets read, earns trust and builds relationships
  • wins more business from more delighted clients.  
Some training clients

Equip your team with the latest web writing techniques

We'll tailor a practical web writing workshop to get you the results you need. And conduct it at your venue of choice, anywhere in Australia. 

Your team will take away the latest web writing techniques that are being tested and proven to work today.

Depending on your needs and goals, they will learn how to:

  • construct content that's easy to scan with the eye 
  • immediately connect with your web audience/s 
  • persuade your readers to take action
  • structure smart website navigation paths 
  • write and lay out different types of web content/copy
  • get your content well-ranked and clicked on Google (SEO)
  • turn print content into web-friendly content 
  • create seductive email newsletter and marketing content 
  • produce mobile-friendly content 
  • develop loveable (and Likeable) blog content, social posts, and more.

“The course was fantastic!! The exercises illustrating good and bad things about our website served as excellent practical examples. In fact - I am using the handbook right now to help me write up some copy for a new page on our site!! Extremely valuable.” Participant feedback

Like to discuss a web writing workshop for your team? 
Call Simon Hillier on 0414 414 151 or email simon@getthere.com.au 

Learn from professional web writer and experienced trainer

Your workshop will be run by me, Simon Hillier. I'm one of 
Australia's most experienced web copywriters and web content
trainers (with an Advanced Training Certificate, and all).

I'll talk with you about your objectives and needs. Then, I'll 
design a course that's 100% focussed on getting your writers
where you need them to be.

In a nutshell, your team will 'sponge up' my 18 years web writing experiencetesting and knowledge - in a practical, interactive and fun training session.

More importantly, they'll learn how to apply these proven, tested techniques to their own work.  

"The materials and learning activities were extremely interesting. 
I was staggered at the amount of web writing experience and knowledge 
Simon provided" 
 Society of Editors participant feedback

"Hi Simon, just writing to let you know that the feedback from our staff was 
extremely positive. They loved the mix of theory and use of pages from our own site.
Thank you once again for the great workshops."
Richard Shorten, Training Officer, National Prescribing Service

Who can this web writing training help?

It will benefit everyone in your organisation who writes for the web.

I have tailored workshop content for:

  • web and print copywriters 
  • small business owners
  • content managers  
  • marketing and communications staff journalists 
  • administration staff 
  • government departments 
  • in-house staff trainers 
  • online customer service staff
  • company Intranet managers.

In most cases, staff with different writing duties come together in one workshop.

Sometimes, we'll run more advanced workshops for a smaller group too.  

I can also put together a short session for management to help you get
buy-in for creating web content in the new, more effective way.

"The web writing workshop proved invaluable. Our staff now produce web
content that drives more business through our client's websites. Simon is
a friendly, approachable presenter with a profound knowledge of web
writing and a good sense of humour.The course is practical, empowering
and great fun!"
Diana Forrester, General Manager, Professional Public


What types of organisations book training? 

I've created and run customised web writing workshops for: 

    • companies looking to improve or expand their current web content
    • organisations lauching new websites
    • advertising, marketing, communications agencies (and their clients)
    • education providers, such universities, colleges and schools.   
    • publishers creating web content/moving print content to the web 
    • government departments and local councils (discounts apply)
  • charities and NPOs (discounts apply) 
  • healthcare and medical organisations
  • editors societies and writers associations. 

"Simon was incredibly responsive and invested time in understanding our specific needs.
The result was a well-structured training day that covered everything, including examples
from our Faculty websites, others in the education sector and beyond.

Participants were also given a beefy handbook with all of the day’s content, tips and
examples of  best practice. S
imon is an excellent facilitator and kept our large group 
engaged the whole day. The course was so helpful  and popular that we booked extra 
sessions for more staff to attend."

Lisa Summer-Hayes, University of Queensland

Find out how a workshop can help your staff writing too

Call Simon on 0414 414 151 or email simon@getthere.com.au

The venue of your choice, anywhere in Australia

Web writing workshops are held at your workplace or any other 
venue of your choice.

We're based in Sydney, but regularly visit corporate and government
training clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra,
Hobart and all around Australia. 

So, wherever you are, I can come to you.

How much does it cost?

The all important question. As each workshop is developed around individual
needs, prices vary depending on needs, numbers, length etc.

To give you an idea, rates start at around $250 per person. 

Please call Simon on 0414 414 151 to get an exact quote. 

Or email simon@getthere.com.au

“I would strongly recommend Simon’s workshop to anyone looking to better
connect with their website users. He offered so many practical insights into
how our organisation can improve its online communications and, judging
from staff feedback, it was time and money very well spent. We are all
feeling much more confident and inspired" 
Rachael McCully, Dental Health Services Victoria

What's included in the workshop?

You have unique goals for your web content, and your writers have different
roles and skill levels.

So, I design your course content once we've discussed exactly what your staff  
and business need to achieve from the training.

Five things that never go missing are:

    • analysis of your current web content writing and a workshop designed to improve it
    • an 80+ page workbook
    • loads of practical writing exercises based on your web pages, emails, etc
    • plenty of healthy discussion
  • my delight at being able to help people become skillful, confident web writers.

More web writing workshop feedback

"The personal and customised training Simon gave us was excellent. We look
forward to improving our website based on his insight and feedback." 
Tabitha Berger, Digital Media Manager, Curtin University
Winner WA Web Awards, Best Education Website

"Simon has given NBCF some very useful inside information on how to
make our new website navigation and language more user friendly and
greatly increase participation in our events and fundraising.  Perfect for
bringing more funds into breast cancer research." 
Sue Murray, CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

"Simon Hillier is great at helping writers get a handle on the web and
understand how it differs from print - from how to write articles for a
web audience to writing techniques that make websites more search
engine friendly. I recommend him to any organisation wanting web
training for their employees and/or members." 
Tina Allen, President, Australian Medical Writers Association

"The workshop was exactly what we needed moving forward with
specialised web content. The advice on how to structure articles
for the web, and the differences between magazine and web readers,
was excellent. He clearly showed us how to generate more traffic
and subscribers, captivate viewers for longer and have them come
back time and time again. Using examples from our magazines 
made the information even more relevant."  
Tara Commerford, Project Manager, Key Media Publishing


Like to discuss some training for your staff?

You can speak to Simon today on 0414 414 151 or email simon@getthere.com.au.