Our clients say...

"Within 2 weeks we appeared on the first page of Google!!" 

"Simon created some magic copy that perfectly reflected our brand and really connected with our clients."  

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Search Engine Copywriting

An expert SEO copywriter can boost your Google rank, clicks and business

With so many websites prancing about these days, it’s not easy getting your business
noticed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

That's where professional SEO copywriting can help.

What can our SEO copywriters do for your business website?

Using smart, creative SEO copywriting – or Search Engine Optimisation copywriting - we can:

  • tell search engines what your site is about
  • help push your website to a high position on search results for important keywords
  • inform people how relevant your website is to their needs
  • entice your target audience to click on the links to your pages
  • connect with your readers once they reach your website - so they buy, get in touch, etc.


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"For two years our very basic website accounted for less than half a dozen enquiries. 

We are now on the first page of Google search results for several of our most important keywords and over the last two months new customers have been contacting us daily!"

Andre Quinn, Abseilers United


We'll make your website easy to find and irresistible to read

SEO copywriting is not about jamming keywords into your website text. 

Without a well written, enticing message:

  • page visitors will click away. 
  • search engines may even penalise you, dropping your site to a lower position.

The quality of your html code, links, design and overall site content also play important roles.

We are SEO copywriter specialists. Whether you are launching a new website or want to 
improve your current online business, we know how to find the right words and strategies to boost
your ranking, traffic and conversions.


"Simon helped us search engine optimise our seven websites including a rewrite of much of the content.  We are delighted with the outcomes - plus his service has been incredibly professional and engaging. Money well spent and highly recommended!"   

Tessa Bachmayer, TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute


SEO copywriter and consultancy services we can provide you

  • analysis of your current website writing and structure
  • working with you on a new website to get your SEO writing right from the start
  • finding the real keywords and phrases your target audience use
  • writing or rewriting your copy so it attracts readers and search engines
  • developing strategies so other sites link to you - a very important part of SEO.
  • writing your metadata - the html code that doesn't appear on your page, but is vital
    for attracting search engines
  • producing blog articles, online press releases and other search friendly web content


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