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"Within 2 weeks we appeared on the first page of Google!!" 

"Simon created some magic copy that perfectly reflected our brand and really connected with our clients."  

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Government Web Writing Training

"Simon created and presented extremely comprehensive, engaging and relevant workshops. The feedback for all beginner, advanced and senior management sessions was overwhelmingly  positive. We're implementing his recommendations right across the department."  Susy Trier, Dept. of Education, QLD 


Government and NGO web content writing workshops

Do your staff write website content, emails, articles, documents and/or social posts for a:

       Recent clients:
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Fair Work Ombudsman
Health Victoria
Australian Medical Association
TransLink (QLD Govt.)
Dept of Treasury and Finance (South Australia)
Campbelltown City Council
Mental Health Association of Australia
Waverley Council
  • federal or state government department?
  • local council?
  • non-government organisation (NGO)?

To ensure their web content gets found, read and achieves its goal, your team need to understand the latest and most effective writing for the web techniques - and how to use them in their writing projects. 

Have a web writing workshop designed just for your needs

We produce and run web writing training programs and workshops for government departments, local councils and NGO's across Australia.

We can tailor a course to your exact organisation, web and staff writing needs. 
And run the workshop at your venue of choice - anywhere in Australia,
or overseas. 

For a detailed proposal and very competitive quote, call Simon on 0414 414 151 or email simon@getthere.com.au 

“Highly informative, valuable and so relevant to local government. The practical
comparisons with other council websites were great. The way Simon constructively
critiqued our web pages and had our team apply his techniques to re-writing those
pages was enormously beneficial."
Eleanor Raftery, Waverley Council


Your team will learn the latest, most practical web writing skills

Based on your exact needs, your participants will quickly learn to master the web writing strategies and techniques they need. This includes areas such as:

  • understanding how people read on the web
  • how to construct content that's easy to scan with the eye 
  • plain language principles ie avoid jargon and bureaucratic-speak
  • how to engage busy web readers  
  • the most effective ways to speak with YOUR web audience/s 
  • ways to pitch your language - cultural/language levels, readability tools
  • writing techniques that persuade your readers to take action
  • the best ways to structure your content and navigation paths 
  • secrets of SEO writing - so your audience find you on search engines
  • ensuring you meet WSAG 2.0 accessibility requirements
  • how to turn print documents, PDFs and articles into web friendly content

Along with skill sets, such as:

  • using images in your content
  • writing with mobile devices in mind
  • e-newsletter writing techniques (if applicable)
  • writing for blogs, social media (if applicable)

And any other content writing skills you feel would help your staff.

"Simon, the team gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the workshops.
I have attached some photos of our ‘Simon Says’ infographic that they created
to accompany them on the new website content writing journey. Thank you
again for sharing your expertise with us and tailoring the training in such
a helpful way."  
Catherine Duff, Fair Work Ombudsman


A trainer with 18 years real web writing experience

Your workshop will be designed and run by me, 
Simon Hillier, one of Australia's most experienced
web content writers and web writing trainers.

First, we'll discuss your objectives. Maybe you're
launching a new site, rewriting your existing site or
simply want to boost your staff skills.

Then I'll analyse your existing web content in detail and design a course
that gets you the results you need. Now and over time.

Training sessions are practical, interactive, fun and 100% focused around:

  • your organisation goals
  • your website and content needs 
  • your team's current skill levels and where you want them to be.

“I would strongly recommend Simon's web writing course to anyone looking to better
connect with their website users. He offered so many practical insights into
how we can improve its online communications. Judging from staff feedback and 
their recent content, it was time and money very well spent. We are all feeling much
more confident and inspired – thanks again Simon.”

Rachael McCully, Dental Health Services Victoria

How many participants can go in a workshop?

I've run government and NGO workshops for as few as five, and as many as 50, people. 
The ideal number is 10 - 15 people, as I can give each person individual attention.

How long are the workshops?

Anywhere from a few hours to a full day (or a couple of days), depending on your
needs and time restraints.

How much does a web writing workshop cost?

Each workshop is developed around individual needs, so prices vary depending
on goals, numbers, length etc.
You can be sure my rates are very competitive.

Please call me on 0414 414 151 to get  an exact quote for your workshop needs.
Or email

Read about (or talk to) a few of our Govt. training clients

Below you'll find a sample of feedback from Government web writing workshop clients. 
Let me know if you'd like to speak with a client to find out more about their experience and
the results acheived.

"Simon is an excellent presenter and engaged the teams with well prepared, professional,
tailored training materials - including practical exercises – for our websites and intranet. 
Content quality has vastly improved and  I would highly recommend Simon and his training.” 
Clarissa Swann, Australian Financial Securities Authority 

"I commissioned Simon to run customised website writing training for ANSTO’s website
contributors. Most of our writers had academic backgrounds so it was important for them to
understand the difference between writing for academia and writing for the web. Simon used
meaningful research to demonstrate how audiences access information online and gave
excellent examples of best practice. He was skilled at handling challenging questions and
delivered the training in a fun and supportive environment that left the group feeling confident
and inspired about writing their web content."  
Ellice Mol, Online Content Editor, ANSTO

"One of the reasons Simon’s workshop was so effective is that he did his homework
and provided examples from our existing site to clearly explain the theory. His
entertaining and friendly presenting style meant that his message cut through clearly.
I got good feedback from the participants and would confidently recommend his course
to other organisations looking to run a web writing workshop.”
Martine Brieger, Manager Communications, Wyong Shire Council 

"Simon worked closely with us to understand our online strategy and the diverse content
published via the website, email and social media.
All participants received a comprehensive
workbook tailored specifically for the AMA, which is now an excellent reference tool for staff.

Simon delivered this course with clarity and professionalism.  I highly recommend him to any
private or public organisation looking to train their staff in how to write for the web."
Sarah Morrison, Website Manager, Australian Medical Association

"Simon delivered us a suite of beginner and advanced writing for the web courses, as well 
as a targeted presentation to the senior leadership team. He took care to understand our 
goals, challenges, key audiences and the capacities and experience of the participants. 
He devised and presented extremely comprehensive and highly relevant sessions. 


Simon was a very engaging presenter. The feedback at all levels was overwhelmingly 
positive and we are already implementing his recommendations right across the organisation.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Simon to other government organisations needing well 
informed, professional advice and training on current best practice in writing for the web and 
web based documentation." 

Susy Trier, Early Childhood and Community Engagement, DETE QLD

“Simon has given NBCF very useful inside information on how to make our website
more SEO and user friendly, both in its navigation and language, that will greatly increase
participation in our events and fundraising.  The tailored training was perfect for bringing
more funds into breast cancer research.”

Sue Murray, CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

"Hi Simon, just writing to let you know that the feedback from our staff was extremely
positive. They loved the mix of theory and use of pages from our own site.
Thank you once again for the great workshops."
Richard Shorten, Training Officer, National Prescribing Service

Like to discuss a government web writing workshop?

I love training and would really enjoy the chance to help you and your team. So let's chat.
Contact me in Sydney on 0414 414 151 or email simon@getthere.com.au