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Effective web page title tips for attracting search engines and your target audience
Your web page title is that blue bar at the very top of your screen above the address bar and menus. Many people, including a scary proportion of copywriters, have no idea that you can write your own copy for this space. Why would you bother spending time doing that? I'll let you in on little secret. Page titles might just be the most effective way to attract search engines, and the people using them, to your page. 
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Copywriting for an online audience
No matter what medium you are writing for all copywriting should have one prime objective - create an effective message that appeals to the audience it is intended to influence. This golden rule applies to websites, brochures, and sales letters, even adding a nice message to Grandma’s little pink birthday card. However, the Internet presents a number of unique challenges for a copywriter, even if the people reading your sales letters are the same ones reading your website.  
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Using bulletpoints to write sharpshootin' web copy - 7 tips
Struggling with the problem of trying to write a lot of copy for one web page? Or perhaps you need to include a many different topics, features or benefits? Bullet points might be just the writing tool you need. Here are 7 ways to use them effectively on your website, blog or newsletter.
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Are you blinded by love for your business website?
One of the reasons many business websites don't work as effectively as they might is because the owners, or internal designers/copywriters, view the site through rose coloured glasses. They are often too close to the business to make objective calls on what customers really need from their online sales and information tool.
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Why copywriting contenders need knockout headlines
I’ve just realised why very few boxers make good copywriters, and most online copywriters make pathetic pugilists. We’re complete oxymorons (no pun intended). During a world title fight the other night, one of the corner men told his boxer to, “Kill the body and the head will fall”.
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Website copywriting for beginners - powerful paragraphs
Ready to unleash your amazing business idea on a website? Here are a few tips to consider before starting your homepage text.
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